1Do I need a referral?
No, you do not need a doctor’s referral to attend Physiotherapy. Just call any of the practice locations that suit you and make an appointment. HOWEVER, IF YOU ARE ATTENDING VIA VETERANS AFFAIRS, YOU WILL NEED TO OBTAIN A REFERRAL
2How long will my appointment be?
Initial appointments are ideally 45 minutes. Follow up appointments are 30 minutes. If you feel that your problem is particularly complex and you would like to come in for an initial one hour appointment, please mention this to staff when booking.
3What about fees?
Payment is required on the day of appointment. Please ask for fee schedule at time of booking. Eftpos is available at all locations. Hicaps is available at Dromana and at The Sport’s Injury Clinic. Otherwise you can claim benefit from your health fund after the appointment.
4Do you participate in Medicare Care Plans?
YES If your Doctor has prepared a Team Care Arrangement or CARE PLAN (known before as EPC or enhance primary careplan) then you can claim some of the cost of consultation back from Medicare. PLEASE TRY AND LET US KNOW THAT YOU HAVE A CARE PLAN AT TIME OF BOOKING YOUR APPOINTMENT. You are still required to pay the full fee on the day and you will claim the rebate back from Medicare afterwards. Currently, Medicare rebates a total of $52.95 towards the cost of the appointment. Please feel free to make an initial 30 minute appointment to help you to keep gap payment to a minimum. We will get started and carry on at the next 30 minute visit. You will usually be given up to 5 Care Plan visits valid over a 12 month period.
5What does initial assessment consist of?
At your initial appointment, you will be asked some questions and an examination will be carried out. This may require an internal examination. If you do not wish to undergo an internal examination, that is fine. This can be discussed at the time. For male Clients, Ultrasound only is used at initial assessment. Real time ultrasound is used routinely in consultations and a quick ultrasound will be done if appropriate at the first visit and a more detailed ultrasound at a follow up visit.
6How many visits should I expect?
This depends on the complexity of the problem. On average Clients attend 3 to 5 visits over a period of time so please expect that there will be a couple of visits after the initial to cover everything that needs to be covered and to make sure you are on the right track. Some people simply want to come in for a one-off opinion regarding an issue. This is fine.