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A service for Continence, Women’s and Men’s Health Physiotherapy 

Whoever you are, if you are bothered by problems in the pelvic region, whether musculoskeletal or to do with bladder, bowel or sexual function, or simply want reassurance that you are doing the right thing, this website is for you.

About Us

A Women’s and Men’s Pelvic Health
Physiotherapy Service.

We offer men and women help for a wide range of problems relating to pelvic floor muscle dysfunction. Usanee Heron is available to assist children and adolescents. The service also offers help to Women during pregnancy and after the delivery of the baby. Whether you are male or female, young or older, everyone has pelvic floor muscles. It is worth noting that you may not KNOW that your muscles are part of the problem. So, if you have a problem in the pelvic region of the body, this site is for you.



We Treat Continence and Pelvic Health issues for MEN , WOMEN & CHILDREN /ADOLESCENTS








children /adolescents


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