Adolescents and children bedwetting problems

Bedwetting, also known as enuresis, is a common concern that can affect adolescents and children. In this section, we will discuss bedwetting problems in adolescents and children, potential causes, the impact on daily life, and the role of pelvic floor physiotherapy in managing and improving this condition.

Bed Wetting or Nocturnal Enuresis

Most children are dry overnight by the age of 6. However 1 in 5 children continue to experience ongoing bed wetting. Some children may be dry at certain age and bed wetting restarts later in life or some children have never been able to achieve dryness. Getting your child assessed and starting treatments early is the key. Ongoing bed wetting can be caused by many reasons such as overactive bladder symptoms (bladder that does not like to hold very much), incomplete emptying, overproduction of urine at night, etc.

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