Pregnancy and post delivery stress incontinence problems

Stress incontinence is a common and distressing concern that can occur during and after pregnancy. In this section, we will discuss stress incontinence problems experienced by women during and after pregnancy, their impact on pelvic health, and the role of pelvic floor physiotherapy in managing and alleviating this condition.

Stress incontinence

This is the problem of leakage when you cough, sneeze, laugh, do impact exercise… other words whenever pressure in the abdomen is greater than the strength at the exit of the bladder. One in there women who have ever had a baby will experience this problem at some stage after the delivery of the baby. If the problem is not getting better with time, come and find us to get help. Don’t put up with it. We can show you how to exercise your muscles and if struggling, you might benefit from electrical stimulation of the pelvic floor to rehabilitate your muscles. See pelvic floor rehab for more information ab out electrical stimulation.

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