Pregnancy and post delivery pelvic floor rehab problems

Pregnancy and childbirth can have a significant impact on a woman’s pelvic floor health. In this section, we will discuss common pelvic floor problems that may arise during and after pregnancy, their impact on pelvic health, and the role of pelvic floor physiotherapy in providing rehabilitation and support.

Pelvic Floor Exercise

During your pregnancy, you may feel motivated to do pelvic floor exercise but might not feel confident with technique. We are happy to see any women who just need to learn how to exercise correctly. If you don’t get in the habit before the birth, you will certainly be told to do exercises after the delivery. Again, its not always that easy to know how to progress with this over time so it is always appropriate to come and see us for specific information targeted to you individually. It is a known fact that a large percentage of women who read about exercise in a leaflet or online will not be exercising correctly.

Electrical stimulation

We can supply you with a small battery operated device which stimulates the muscles to contract via an electrical impulse into the muscles. This is great for women that just struggle to do the exercise themselves. We tend to use it most often for women whose muscles are very weak. The device consists of a probe which is inserted into the vagina, attached to the device and when switched on, the muscles are exercises for you! You can of course join in and work with the device to gain even better results.

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