Conditions for men bladder problems

Bladder problems can be challenging for men and significantly impact their daily life. In this section, we will discuss common bladder problems in men, their symptoms, causes, and the role of pelvic floor physiotherapy in managing and improving bladder function.

Stress incontinence

Like women, men can experience leakage when pressure above the bladder causes leakage as for example when coughing, sneezing, laughing, lifting, exercising. This problem in men is most usually after surgery to remove Prostate. This problem requires strengthening of the pelvic floor and ability to apply the pelvic floor muscle contraction prior to the activity which causes leakage. There is an element of teaching the brain that a cough or a sneeze requires a strong contraction of the pelvic floor so that it almost becomes automatic.

Overactive bladder

Recent studies have shown that as men age, they experience as much “overactive bladder “ symptoms as women. But for men, the overactive bladder doesn’t lead as often to the problem of urine leakage. Instead, it causes the bladder to be frequent and urgent. It can be very embarrassing. Men need to realise that it can be fixed with a bladder training program. The prostate is usually checked to ensure there is no enlargement or problem with the prostate. If all is fine, a bladder training program with us can help.


Nocturia is the problem of being woken at night to empty the bladder. If you are starting to be woken at night more often you should ask your G.P. for a prostate check. If prostate is fine, or even if there is some enlargement of the prostate, it is still worth learning how it all works and how you can start to get the problem under control.

Difficulty emptying bladder

Lots of men do have problems fully emptying the bladder related to benign prostate enlargement. Sometimes the prostate is only minimally enlarged, sometimes it is more serious and you need to have a procedure (TURP) to remove the parts of the prostate putting pressure on the bladder tube (urethra) and preventing urine flowing freely. We can help you understand what is happening and take measures to prevent the emptying issue spiralling out of control.

Post voiding dribble

This is a common problem in men who might not be emptying completely. It can happen if your pelvic floor muscles are slightly tense and not relaxing fully. There are ways to manage this with a little understanding and some simple techniques.

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