Conditions for men pelvic pain problems

Pelvic pain can be a distressing and debilitating condition that affects many men. In this section, we will explore common pelvic pain problems in men, their potential causes, symptoms, and the role of pelvic floor physiotherapy in addressing and managing pelvic discomfort.

Musculoskeletal pain

Any pain in the pelvic region which hasn’t been fixed by your usual practitioners: if you suspect it just goes a little deeper to where your other practitioners can reach, come and see us.

Pudendal nerve

The pudendal nerve is a large nerve which threads from the sacrum, under the buttocks, into the pelvis and branches to penis, testicles and anus. If the nerve is irritated it can cause pain. Pudendal neuralgia is nerve pain made worse by sitting but relieved by standing or lying down.

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