Caroline Bender has now returned from Long Service Leave – Caroline is contactable via the contact form and is available for consultations at Dromana and Safety Beach.

Usanee Heron and Kat Walker are available for consultations.  Rebecca Bruce will be on parental leave from the end of April. 



Electrical Stimulation for weak muscles

Rebecca attended a course this year to update on electrical stimulation of pelvic floor muscles. Did you know that if weak, you can use a small device, similar to a TENS machine, to stimulate your muscles to work better? We can use different settings to get the stimulation just right for you. Send us an email if you would like to chat about this therapy:

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Frankston (TSIC)

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Dromana (Pinnacle)

You may contact Caroline Bender or make and appointment with Caroline at either location. with Cee at Frankston The Sports Injury Clinic with Candice at Dromana Pinnacle (Thursdays)