Consult Cee Heron for your child’s bladder or bowel control problem


Consult Cee Heron for your child’s bladder or bowel control problem

This years Cee has been working at Monash Health’s Paediatric (children’s) Continence Clinic. This is a multidisciplinary clinic which offers help for a variety of conditions ranging from day time wetting (accidents) and bedwetting to constipation and faecal incontinence in children aged from 4-6 up to 16 years of age. Most children gain day time bladder control and bowel control by the age of 4. Night time bladder control often develops a little after a child has gained control by day. Timeframe for bladder and bowel control often varies from child to child. But it is important to know when you should seek help: there is a lot we can do to solve problems!

You should seek help if:
1. Your child still has bladder control problems by day or bedwetting after the age of 6-7.
2. Your child still has soiling accidents (inappropriate loss of poo) after the age of 4.
3. If your child has become dry but then starts having bladder or bowel accidents again later

You and your child can consult Cee privately in Dromana or at Frankston, The Sports Injury Clinic. You do not need a referral but Cee will let you know if the problem requires a G.P visit when further investigations might be necessary. If you would like to speak to Cee first, leave a message at either reception and Cee will be happy to talk to you by phone.

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