Hip tendinopathy


Hip tendinopathy

Caroline attended a course run by Alison Grimaldi in Sydney at the end of last year updating on current assessment and management approach to tendinopathy. This included tendinopathy at side of hip (gluteal tendinopathy), back of hip (hamstring tendinopathy) front of hip (iliopsoas tendinopathy) and inside hip/groin (adductor tendinopathy). This was a great course that helped us revise the basic anatomy, pathology, assessment and management of common hip tendon problems. (and ALL Physios should be constantly updating on the basics).

As “Pelvic” Physios, we tend to see people whose musculoskeletal problems are complex and may have been present for several months or years. This tends to mean that an original injury is now triggering secondary issues. Often pain is present in multiple muscles, tendons and joints. So we will follow all the testing for different structures and start to note all the areas showing problems and discuss how we might address the different aspects. We will try and help make sense of the hows and the whys. We might address tendinopathy in various muscle groups; we might strengthen muscles that have become weak; we might try and lengthen tissue which has become short or “tight”; we might look at joints and nerves say at lumbar or thoracic spine or at sacroiliac joint that might be referring to the pelvic area and influencing the problem.

Note people often try and stretch something just because it is sore. Stretching isn’t always the answer! In fact, Alison Grimaldi puts forward a very good argument that stretch is often the start of tendon problems.

We will undoubtedly check your core function. We meet so many people who have done Pilates for years but are unsure what exactly “switch on the core” means. We show you with ultrasound images of the muscles.

Our aim is to help you to understand what has gone wrong, how it has led to more problems over the months and years and how, with appropriate exercise you can help to find your own way out of a problem. We want you to be independent and in control of your issues.

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