Peninsula Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy – Dromana


Peninsula Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy – Dromana

At Peninsula Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy we pride ourselves on helping our clients with a range of problems that can at times be difficult to talk about. We work out of Pinnacle Physiotherapy in Dromana and The Sports Injury Clinic in Frankston. As from February this year, Caroline Bender is available at Safety Beach Medical and Wellness Practice. Our team of Physiotherapists are highly trained in management of problems in the pelvic region.

Most people think that women are the only ones with a pelvic floor. This is not the case! Men and children can also have pelvic floor problems. We treat musculoskeletal problems of the pelvis, or issues relating to the bladder, bowel and very importantly, adult sexual function. Cee Heron is our Physio who can help with problems of adolescents and children and she will return later this year.
As we wrote last year, 2020 marked 10 years of Peninsula Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy at “The Sports Injury Clinic “ in Frankston. But we would also like to reflect on a great 10 year collaboration with Pinnacle Physiotherapy in Dromana: 2020 marked the 10 year anniversary of Peninsula Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy working from Pinnacle, Dromana.
With over 10 Years offering services on the Mornington Peninsula, we want all men, women and children to know that they can find help for pelvic floor problems. If you, or someone you know suffers with pelvic floor issues, we can offer help. We provide solutions and treatments available in a safe and respectful environment. We treat our clients with face to face appointments and with a very hands on approach. During the consultation, we will explain everything that we can offer. We will always give you the opportunity to give informed consent, for any examination, in this very personal area of the body. We use real time ultrasound to see muscles that are hidden deep in the pelvis. This way, you can see what’s going on without the need always for more full examination.
In my previous post, I mentioned that I responded to an ad looking for a “Women’s Health Physio” and subsequently met Michelle Blake. From this meeting I was also put in touch with Peter Gayfer who co-owns Pinnacle Physiotherapy in Dromana. Peter and his business partner Toby Macintyre, run a highly regarded practice in Dromana. It has been our pleasure to rent space at this practice to offer Women’s and Men’s Health services since 2010.

Pinnacle Physiotherapy, like TSIC, is a wonderful place to work. We are situated over the road from the beach and the geographical situation is genuinely uplifting: we look across to the Bay and behind us, we look up to Arthur’s Seat. How good is The Mornington Peninsula?
We offer help for a wide range of problems relating to the pelvic floor and pelvic region. This of course extends to help pregnant women before delivery and after. Pregnancy is a key time for women to learn about pelvic floor function for wellbeing both during the pregnancy and after delivery. All women should be given the opportunity to learn about pelvic floor muscles function regardless of delivery: whether caesarian or vaginal delivery, everyone has a pelvic floor, and almost everyone will have a degree of abdominal separation.
So not only do we offer help relating to the pelvic floor for women who have recently given birth, we offer exercises and help for abdominal separation, prolapse, bladder control, constipation and pelvic pain for example.

At Dromana, like Frankston, we have all the other team members to refer to: Myotherapy and Remedial Massage; Pilates; Exercise Physiology; Dietician; Podiatry is available in the same building. Candice Graetz is one of our Pelvic Floor Physiotherapists practicing Pelvic Health Physiotherapy from Frankston. But you can also see Candice for any musculoskeletal problem or for Pilates assessment and classes at Pinnacle, Dromana.

Rebecca Bruce will continue to offer Pelvic Health Physiotherapy from Dromana having returned from maternity leave in 2020. Candice Graetz will be available for Pelvic Health Physiotherapy from Frankston and we will see what happens for Cee Heron when she returns from maternity leave in 2021.

As for me, Caroline Bender, I will continue to offer services from Frankston and am excited to be able to offer services from Safety Beach this year.
We would like also to highlight the fact that men often don’t know where to turn to for pelvic problems. But we want to assure all the men out there that bladder issues, prostate related problems, bowel issues, pelvic pain and even sexual pain is something we deal with on
a regular basis. These problems are embarassing and difficult to talk about but we need to make this topic less taboo so that men too can find solutions.

So many men and women live with symptoms of pelvic floor issues everyday; they are not always aware that pelvic floor physiotherapy treatments are available to them. You can access our services directly without a referral or other health professionals may refer you. Your G.P might be able, if you are eligible, to provide a Medicare Care Plan to enable some Medicare rebate towards the cost of a consultation.
If you live in and around Dromana and suffer with any of the above symptoms or conditions relating to pelvis and pelvic floor you should make an appointment to come and see Caroline, Candice or Rebecca. Cee Heron will be back later this year.
Our team is waiting to hear from you. You can make an appointment with Rebecca Bruce at Pinnacle Physiotherapy on 03 5981 8008. Contact Caroline Bender via contact page if you would like to ask questions about fees or any of the above information. Our current fee schedule is up on our website.

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