Peninsula Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy – Frankston

Peninsula Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy – Frankston

At Peninsula Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy Frankston, we work as part of a great Allied Health team consisting of Physiotherapists, Exercise Physiology, Myotherapy and Remedial Massage, Pilates, Podiatry, Dietician and Sports Doctor. We work out of The Sports Injury Clinic Frankston located at 365 Nepean Highway. (a few doors down towards Frankston centre from Officeworks).

As part of a broader team, we can happily refer you on to any of the other disciplines if your problems need that broader expertise. Likewise, if you are seeing any of the other practitioners we are always happy to give advice and help for issues that may have a specific pelvic floor element.

At our Frankston Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy we have three Pelvic Health Physiotherapists available: Myself – Caroline Bender, and my colleagues Candice Graetz and Cee Heron (who will be back from maternity leave later this year 2021). Rebecca Bruce is currently available in Dromana.
We all have post graduate qualifications in Pelvic Health Physiotherapy and constantly update our knowledge by attending workshops, conferences and lectures to keep ourselves up to date. We are all passionate about helping men and women (and Cee Heron can see children and adolescents) with difficult, pelvic floor problems.

We pride ourselves on maintaining empathy, understanding and discretion. We recognise that many of our patients have often suffered from pelvic floor dysfunction for many years not knowing where to turn, or simply being too busy! Women in particular often spend their lives looking after everyone else and so neglect their own pelvic floor wellbeing. Men too often simply don’t know that we are available to help. But remember, it is never too late to get help. We often treat people in their 80’s and 90’s and last year, I had the extraordinary honour of helping a lady who was 102, referred by a local Surgeon.

If you live in the Frankston region, and think you need help with a pelvic floor issue, make an appointment to see one of our team. We can help women with
bladder issues, pelvic organ prolapse, bowel problems, pelvic pain and sexual pain.
We can help men with bladder issues, prostate related problems, bowel problems, pelvic pain and sexual pain.

You do not need to suffer in silence, you don’t have to live with the symptoms of pelvic floor related issues. Make an appointment for an initial assessment. You will be surprised how much we can achieve in a short time. We are happy to see you for a one-off consultation or progress a program with suitable follow up over time. Each person will have different needs and we will target your individual goals.

If you would like to discuss your issues before booking an appointment, feel free to make contact with me, Caroline Bender, via our contact page on the website We look forward to hearing from you. If you would like to talk to Candice, Rebecca or Cee, just let me know and i will put you in touch.

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